SightDistanceAssignment - CEE 4600 LAB 2 Evaluating...

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CEE 4600 -- LAB 2 Evaluating Intersection Sight Distance Due: Section C1 – September 4, 2007 (4:30 PM) Section C2 – September 7, 2007 Your assignment today is to evaluate the intersection sight distance for two specific intersections. Here are a few general directions regarding this evaluation: 1. Take care when working adjacent to an active road. Make all of your measurements adjacent to the road (do not make measurements directly in the road). Wear safety vests, and have two team members solely responsible for watching for cars and notifying the other members when vehicles are approaching (we call these people spotters). 2. If you must enter the active travel lanes to complete your evaluation, do not do so when cars are present and never enter a street without having your spotters watching. 3. Your assignment is to measure the available intersection sight distance for left turns, crossing maneuvers, and right turns as appropriate for your assigned intersections. You will recall in lecture that field measurement of intersection sight distance
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SightDistanceAssignment - CEE 4600 LAB 2 Evaluating...

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