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CEE 4600 Homework 3 – Sight Distance Due: September 12, 2007 Show formulas and calculations used for all problems. 1. A driver takes 3.0 seconds to react to a complex situation while traveling at a speed of 55 mph. How far does the vehicle travel before the driver initiates a physical response (i.e., putting their foot on the brake)? How does this compare to the standard reaction time of 2.5 seconds and compared to an attentive, younger driver with a reaction time of 1.25 seconds? 2. Use Table 7-6 in your textbook to determine the stopping sight distance for a typical car (deceleration rate = 11.2 ft/s 2 ) on a level road with a design speed of 40 mph assuming the driver has a standard reaction time of 2.5 seconds. 3. Assume the same driver is on the same road as in Problem 2 (design speed of 40 mph) and a dog runs into the street 300’ in front of them. Will they be able to stop in time? Will they be able to stop in time if they are driving on a hilly part of the road with a a.) positive 3% grade or b.)
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