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CEE 4100_HW_7_Safety

CEE 4100_HW_7_Safety - 6 What must be done with outriggers...

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CEE 4100 Homework #8 (use this sheet for answers) Due April 27, 2006 name 1. Halpin’s question 17.1 a) b) c) 2. Halpin’s question 17.2 a) b) c) Based upon OSHA publications find the following: 3. Scaffolds must be at least ______________ft from electric power lines. 4. Name three items to help protect a worker from falls. a) b) c) 5. What’s the maximum slope for a trench made in clay if no structural support is provided?
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Unformatted text preview: ____________________________ 6. What must be done with outriggers on a crane? ______________________________ 7. What must be provided where chemicals are stored? _____________________________ 8. What must be worn during cutting, grinding, nailing, and spraying of chemicals? _________________________________ 9. How may a worker be exposed to lead?...
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