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50 CFR Part 21 MIGRATORY BIRD PERMITS Subpart A--Introduction Sec. 21.1 Purpose of regulations. 21.2 Scope of regulations. 21.3 Definitions. 21.4 Information collection requirements. Subpart B--General Requirements and Exceptions 21.11 General permit requirements. 21.12 General exceptions to permit requirements. 21.13 Permit exceptions for captive -reared mallard ducks. 21.14 Permit exceptions for captive -reared migratory waterfowl other than mallard ducks. Subpart C--Specific Permit Provisions 21.21 Import and export permits. 21.22 Banding or marking permits. 21.23 Scientific collecting permits. 21.24 Taxidermist permits. 21.25 Waterfowl sale and disposal permits. 21.26 [Reserved] 21.27 Special purpose permits. 21.28 Falconry permits (not included) 21.29 Federal falconry standards (not included). 21.30 Raptor propagation permits (not included). Subpart D--Control of Depredating Birds 21.41 Depredation permits. 21.42 Authority to issue depredating orders to permit the killing of migratory game birds. 21.43 Depredation order for blackbirds, cowbirds, grackles, crows and magpies. 21.44 Depredation order for designated species of depredating birds in California (not included). 21.45 Depredation order for depredating purple gallinules in Louisiana (not included). 21.46 Depredation order for depredating scrub jays and Steller's jays in Washington and Oregon (not included). Authority: Pub. L. 95-616, 92 Stat. 3112 (16 U.S.C. 712(2)). Source: 39 FR 1178, Jan. 4, 1974, unless otherwise noted.
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