Noise Modeling Assignment

Noise Modeling Assignment - Introduction The goal of this...

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Introduction The goal of this noise modeling assignment is to determine and analyze the noise levels at a proposed outdoor dining area. This outdoor dining area is planned to be built 25 feet from the I75/85 right-of-way and 20 feet from the North Avenue right-of-way. This report is intended to help guide the owners and planners of this project in determining whether or not this project can continue as planned or if it will be necessary or if noise mitigation measures will be necessary. Noise pollution is an important factor in determining if an outdoor dining area should be built because an outdoor dining area that is too loud will not be used by patrons and will end up being a waste of money. If the noise levels are too high, it could end up being a safety liability for the workers at the restaurant because they will be subject to constant loud noises for long and continuous periods. General Area of Construction The general area of construction can be described as a dense urban environment. A 12 lane highway is approximately 25 feet from the proposed site. North Avenue, a major arterial street, runs perpendicular to the highway section. On 1 side of the proposed site, there are large buildings. On the other two sides on the project side of the highway, there are single story buildings. On the far side of the highway is the campus of Georgia Institute of Technology. The proposed site is to be built on the premises of a restaurant called The Varsity. It is a local landmark that server hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries and similar foods. They currently have indoor seating and a drive-up area, but not an outdoor seating area. Model and Schematic The model we chose to use in order to estimate the noise at the proposed was the FWHA model for a distance greater than 15 meters. This was chosen because the location of the proposed development relative to the local roads would dictate taking into account traffic more than 15 meters away. In order to estimate the noise levels at the proposed site, we also had to decide which roads and which links would contribute the majority of the sound pressure. Figure 1 below shows the schematic we used to help estimate the
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amount of noise at the proposed site. The site is represented on the map by the point with
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Noise Modeling Assignment - Introduction The goal of this...

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