Animal Use Exam - Methods in Biological Research I(Biol 406...

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The IACUC's activities to ensure compliance benefit whom? The institution, the investigators, and the animals. Which is not a function of the IACUC? Assist with writing the basic science portions of a grant application. Which PHS organization is responsible for monitoring institutional compliance with PHS Policy? The Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW, formerly OPRR). Which of the following institutions must follow PHS guidelines for animal research, teaching and testing? All institutions that accept PHS funding. Unlike the USDA AWA regulations, PHS Policy applies to which animals? All vertebrate species used in research, teaching or testing at institutions receiving PHS funds. Which of the following is a role of AAALAC? Sponsors a voluntary accreditation program for animal care and use programs. The USDA AWA regulations do not currently apply to which of the following animals? Non-vertebrates, laboratory mice and laboratory rats. Prior to beginning any work involving vertebrate animals, an investigator must do which of the following? Submit a fully completed animal protocol form to the IACUC and receive written confirmation of IACUC approval. Prior to IACUC review of animal protocol forms that describe procedures that may cause more than momentary pain or distress, which of the following is mandated by the USDA Animal Welfare Act Regulations? A consultation with a laboratory animal veterinarian. Explaining the potential value of proposed animal research to human and animal health is: Important to convey so that the lay member on the IACUC, or members of the public can understand. Which of the following are helpful to the IACUC when reviewing an animal protocol? Flowcharts to help illustrate complex experimental designs. Which of the following statements concerning selection of species for research is false ? Cost of the animals should be a primary factor in determining which species to use. Which of the following statements about using a statistical analysis to justify animal numbers is true ?
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A statistical analysis should be used whenever possible. Which of the following justifications for using a particular species would probably not
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Animal Use Exam - Methods in Biological Research I(Biol 406...

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