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TA Name ____________________________ Student Name ___________________________ Page 1 __________________________________________________________________________________ Do not write below this line NBIO 302 Spring 2006 Midterm Exam #1 17 April 2006 First: please put your name and your TA’s name on each page. Note: no calculators needed or permitted. Total points: 60 Please answer questions 1-3 AND EITHER question 4 or question 5 . Please use full sentences, but write no more than you need. Use your time wisely. 1. (15 points) While skiing at Crystal Mountain, you are unfortunate enough to hyperextend (straighten too far) your right knee quite badly. No bones are broken, but you’ve strained some ligaments. A. (5 points) Diagram the somatosensory pathways for proprioceptive and nociceptive information from your knee to your brain. Make sure to show cell bodies and key synapses for each major class of neuron involved. For full credit, students need to show a diagram of light-touch/propriception pathway with the location of cell bodies and synapses indicated, as well as an indicator of the midline, and where the key axons cross the midline. Sensory neuron cell bodies are located in sensory ganglia (aka dorsal root ganglia). Each sensory neuron axon ascends the spinal cord in the ipsilateral dorsal column, and forms synapses in the ipsilatral dorsal column nuclei. The DCN neurons send their axons across the midline and rostral, where they make synapses in the contralateral somatosensory thalamus. Thalamic neurons project to somatosensory cortex on the same side as the thalamic neurons, but opposite from the receptive field Question 1 continues on the next page.
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TA Name ___________________________Student Name _____________________________ Page 2 Question 1 continued. B. (5 points) Briefly describe the circuit that told you that your knee was hurting, or at least in danger of damaging tissue. The sensory neurons for this pathway are located in the dorsal root (or sensory) ganglion, just outside the spinal cord. These neurons make their main synapses in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord. The axons of dorsal horn neurons cross the midline, ascend in the anterolateral tract of the spinal cord, and terminate in contralateral thalamus. Those thalamic neurons project to the
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NBIO302Exam1_2006_key - TA Name Student Name NBIO 302...

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