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NBIO302Exam1_2007 - TA Name Student Name NBIO 302 Spring...

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TA Name ____________________________ Student Name ___________________________ Page 1 __________________________________________________________________________________ Do not write below this line NBIO 302 Spring 2007 Midterm Exam #1 16 April 2007 First: please put your name and your TA’s name on each page. Note: no calculators needed or permitted. Total points: 60 Please answer questions 1-3 AND EITHER question 4 or question 5 . Please use full sentences, but write no more than you need. Use your time wisely. 1. (15 points) In a tragic accident, a friend of yours sustains injuries to her central nervous system leaving her with poor sensation of light touch on the left leg and foot. Sensation of temperature remains intact everywhere. As a neurobiology major, you are asked by her family to explain the problem. A. (5 points) Draw a cartoon of the neural pathways carrying body sense information from the legs to the brain. Be sure to show how information from both sides of the body is transmitted. Point out the specific location that is likely to be damaged. Do not describe or explain anything here (you’ll do that on the next page). Question 1 continues on the next page.
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TA Name ___________________________Student Name _____________________________ Page 2 Question 1 continued.
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