FinalExamTopics - ± Probability Density • Nuclear...

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FINAL EXAM TOPICS Electromagnetism [~20 pts] o Faraday & Lenz ± Basic Laws ± Circuit Applications/ Inductors Ray Optics [~15 pts] ± Lenses & Mirrors ± Locate / Describe Images ± Magnification Diffraction & Interference [~30 pts] o Light ± Single / Double Slit / Grating ± Intensities o Matter Waves ± Single / Double / Grating ± Energy, Momentum, λ
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FINAL EXAM, cont. Basic Modern Physics [~15 pts] o deBroglie / Heisenberg o Photoeffect o Special Relativity ± Momentum & Energy Wave Functions [~20 pts] o Basic Forms o Probabilities ± Classical Probabilities
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Unformatted text preview: ± Probability Density • Nuclear Physics [~30 pts] o Exponential Decay, Half-Life o Binding Energy FINAL EXAM, cont. • Atomic Physics [~30 pts] o Bohr Model ± Energy Levels & Transitions o Quantum Numbers ± n, l , m l , m s o Atomic Spectra ± Relate to Bohr Model Only Approximate Points Given Since Each Version Has Slight Differences Total Points = 150 for Each Version Includes Hand Graded Lecture and Tutorial Questions (~25 pts Each) Includes Lab (~25 pts), & Tutorial (~20 pts) Multiple Choice Questions...
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FinalExamTopics - ± Probability Density • Nuclear...

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