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Physics 123A Exam 3 Spring 2009 May 29, 2009 Version A Printed Name ___________________________________ Seat Number _______ last first I certify that the work I shall submit is my own creation, not copied from any source, and that I shall abide by the examination procedures outlined below. Signature ________________________________ Student ID Number _________ Please return my exam _____ In class, or ___ I will pick up later in room C136. READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE NOW, BEFORE THE HALF-HOUR BELL. Do not open the exam before the half-hour bell. You will have 50 minutes after the bell to complete the examination. Exam papers will no longer be accepted after 55 minutes have elapsed. NO CELL PHONES, TEXT MSG, etc. ALLOWED AT ANY TIME Before the exam begins: Print and sign your name, and write your student ID number and the number of your seat in the spaces on this page (above). Write your name, student ID number and exam version on your bubble sheet, and fill in the corresponding “bubbles” using
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