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phil 27 midterm questions - Phil/ Poli 27 Midterm Study...

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Phil/ Poli 27 Midterm Study Questions IDs : 1. ERA (Ehrenreich): The ERA is the Equal Rights Movement. It would have prohibited discrimination on the basis of sex, but it was defeated. It was the major goal of the American feminist movement for ten years. Opposers of the ERA were also major contributors to the backlash. 2. male revolt (Ehrenreich): The male revolt redefined manhood. The men were tired of the breadwinner definition of manhood. They were tired of working hard to support the homemaker wife and kids. Therefore, through the many stages of revolt- gray flannel dissenters, Playboy, the Beats, the Counterculture, medical and psychological studies- they changed the definition of manhood from hard, tough primary breadwinner definition to a more soft and emotional co-dependent. 3. beats (Ehrenreich): While the other-directed man resented his job and the playboy resented marriage, the beat resented both. They free of ties; consumers of life. They denounced the work-produce-consume lifestyle. They romanticized outsiders and defined the “cool.” This influenced the counterculture and the psychology of self-actualization and the new psychology of growth. 4. other-directed man (Ehrenreich): As opposed to the inner-directed man who followed a stern course set by the parents and not to be swayed by his peers, the other-directed man was an easy going conformist who looked at friends, celebrities, and the mass media for his ideas on ambition and taste. The inner-directed man was a unique individual while the other directed man succumbed to society. The other-directed man was the Parsonian woman. Talcott Parson defined the male role as rational and task-oriented and the female role as emotion and in tune to others’ feelings. They were feminized. They could either blame it on the corporation or the women. The low point was blaming it on women. They realized that they could break out of conformity through autonomy or a different kind of conformity. The anxieties of the breadwinner definition of manhood proposed by Riesman and his other-directed man, come before the male revolt. 5. feminization of poverty (Ehrenreich): Poverty rate went up a great deal after the male revolt, especially for women and children because after the male role left the family wage system, the women- who were dependent on the male- had to support the family now.
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phil 27 midterm questions - Phil/ Poli 27 Midterm Study...

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