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chem6c- manual corrections

chem6c- manual corrections - 547 is missing t It should...

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Chem 6C – Manual corrections 12.1d: the solution manual is correct but the back of the book is not. They have incorrectly written the dichromate ion as Cr 2 O 4 2- instead of Cr 2 O 7 2- . The coefficients are correct if it is written correctly. Some cell diagrams are not written correctly – pairs of ions should be written in order Ox, Red. (pg. 452). 12.11b: Should be Pt(s)/I 2 (s)/I-//Ce 4+ , Ce 3+ /Pt(s) 12.11d: Should be Pt(s)/Au 3+ , Au + //Au + /Au(s) 12.13c: Cell diagram should be written as Cd(s)/Cd(OH) 2 (s)/OH - (aq)//OH - (aq)/Ni(OH) 3 (s)/Ni(OH) 2 (s)/Ni(s). 12.26b: Pt(s)/Cr 3+ , Cr 2+ // I 3 - , I - /Pt(s) 12.33c: The number of electrons transferred should be n=1 not n=2. Book Mistake: The integrated rate law for zero-order reactions given in Table 13.2 (page
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Unformatted text preview: 547) is missing t. It should be [A] t = -kt + [A] o 13.6c: For part (c) the solution should be (2.7 mol/L min)/4 = 0.67. 13.63-64: In the solution manual it refers to figure 13.31 a and b it should be figure 13.27 a and b. 17.77a: there is a typo in the solution manual it should be 2.0x 10-3 g instead of 2.0x 10-6 . This typo affects the answer, which should be 630 days. 17.77b: the answer changes to 1.995 mg left instead of .22 mg, because of a typo in part a – see above. 17.86e: oxygen-15 should decay by positron emission, which is shown in example 17.2....
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