psyc 179 notes on ch.17 & 18

psyc 179 notes on ch.17 & 18 - Chapter 17-...

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Chapter 17- Preventing Substance Abuse - Defining Goals and Evaluating Outcomes Goal of authors is to educate people so that they don’t harm themselves and others around them. “Demon rum”- programs of the late 1800s present negative information about alcohol and other drugs in public schools with the clear goal of prevention of use- too one- sided ≠ education. . - Types of Prevention (Public Health Model): Primary prevention- aimed mainly at young people who have not yet tried the substances or may have tried tobacco or alcohol a few times. Secondary prevention- designed for people who have tried the drug or a variety of other substances. Prevent use of other more dangerous drugs or a more dangerous use of the drug being used. Tertiary prevention- relapse prevention or follow-up programs. - Types of Prevention ( Institute of Medicine Model) Universal prevention- designed for delivery to an entire population. Selective prevention- designed for groups that are deemed to be at high risk. Indicated prevention- targeted at individuals who show signs of developing problems. - Prevention Programs in the Schools Knowledge- Attitudes- Behavior Model: Programs would increase the students’ knowledge of the drugs and their effects and that leads to changes in attitudes about drug use, and these changed attitudes would reflect decreased drug-using behavior. People began questioning the program because before they never heard of these drugs and they didn’t think of using them, but the warning not to do it gives an opposite effect of wanting to do them. Affective Education: “cognitive domain” + “affective domain”= the domain of emotions and attitudes. Values clarification: teaching students to recognize and express their own
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psyc 179 notes on ch.17 & 18 - Chapter 17-...

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