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midterm 2 study guide

midterm 2 study guide - Wilson's three key agents of...

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Wilson's three key agents of conservation Sustainability metapopulations PVA MVP ESU keystone species extinction vortex reintroduction translocation introduction rehabilitation HCP in situ conservation ex situ conservation restoration of species restoration ecology UN CBD CITES debt-for-nature swaps sustainable development environmental effects of dams certified sustainable goods and services ecotourism poverty and conservation globalization and the environment action/consequence Olive baboons Golden lion tamarins Arabian oryx African cheetahs Prairie ecosystem Guanacaste National Park, Costa Rica CBC Causes and consequences of globalization impacts of dam projects schistosomiasis EIA EGAT World Bank Trans-boundary impact assessments Hill tribes Great apes chimpanzees bonobos bushmeat crisis value of chimpanzees captive breeding Kyoto Protocol ESA "take" as a provision of ESA noninvasive genotyping genetic drift inbreeding ecosystem management fortress parks climate change greenhouse gases protected areas zoos as arks giant pandas MVCP CO2 x 2 Sea level rise 387 ppm - current CO2 Greenhouse Gases IPCC Keeling Curve Milankovitch Cycles "fishing down the food web" shifting baselines The Nature Conservancy Endagered Species Act (1973) Lacey Act other federal laws protecting species Restoration Management Take Snail Darter and Tellico Dam Spotted Owl Species ESU HCP MSCP Regional HCP
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Wilson’s 3 key agents : Government, private sector, science and technology sustainability: metapopulation: shifting mosaic of populations of the same
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midterm 2 study guide - Wilson's three key agents of...

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