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EE 338 Spring 2008 Midterm 1 Problem 1: (25 pts.) You are given an atom with radius r=0.21nm. Then you make a crystal using this atom with lattice types simple cubic, body-centered cubic and diamond. Answer the following questions for each type of lattice. a) What is the lattice constant? b) Draw the (110) plane and show the atom locations. Problem 2: (25 pts.) a) Draw the band structure of GaAs. Show E C and E V . b) Draw energy vs. position and show the energy levels: E
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Unformatted text preview: mid , E C , E V , E F Problem 3: (25 pts.) A Si substrate is doped by As atoms where N As =5x10 17 . a) What is the ratio of Si atoms to As atoms? b) What is the conductivity type of doped Si? Explain. (n-type or p-type) c) What are the majority and minority carriers? d) What are their concentrations? e) If Si was doped by Ga atoms with the same concentration, answer parts (b) through (d)....
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