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Unformatted text preview: History 21, Spring 2008 Milligan; TAs: John Hoenig; Jonathan Steplyk INSTRUCTIONS FOR SECOND PAPER: Choice Amongst 4 Topics, circa 1951-1971. This is the second and longer of the two papers you have to write this term (this 2 nd paper is worth 15% of your course grade). This paper should be approx. 4 pages in length (certainly no less than 3 and three-quarters pages & no more than 6 pages); this paper must be word-processed, double- spaced using a font of 10 or 11 . And, as was the case for the first paper, you are required to use shortform footnotes (consult the instructions for the 1 st paper to refresh your memory on features of shortform footnotes). If you write on either topic #1 (Truman’s firing of General MacArthur) or topic #2 (the Dennis v. United States Supreme Court decision), your paper will be due Friday April 4 ; if you write on either topic #3 (the Miranda v. Arizona Supreme Court decision) or topic #4 (the Pentagon Papers Supreme Court decision), your paper will be due Wednesday April 23 . For each of the 4 paper topics you will be provided with a collection of both primary source and secondary source documents. The collection of documents for all four topics have been put together into a 2 ND PAPER DOCUMENTS PACKET which has been bound into a booklet by PRO-COPY, and is to be purchased at the Student Bookstore (330 East College Avenue). Two copies of the documents book will be made available on RESERVE at Pattee Library. In writing your paper take full advantage of both the primary and secondary source documents provided for your chosen topic. Again, quote effectively but selectively from the most relevant secondary & esp. primary source documents. [You are not expected to do any additional research on your own; if you do in fact use sources in addition to those provided, you need to provide the full bibliographic information for each “additional” source.] FOR EACH PAPER TOPIC A SERIES OF QUESTIONS HAVE BEEN PROVIDED BELOW. USE THE QUESTIONS AS A GUIDE TO HELP YOUR ORGANIZE YOUR POINTS & YOUR THOUGHTS---AND ESTABLISH YOUR (ANALYTICAL) FOCUS. NOTE THAT FOR ALL PAPER TOPICS & ACCOMPANYING QUESTIONS, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO WRITE IN BOTH A DESCRIPTIVE AND ANALYTICAL / EVALUATIVE FASHION . DO NOT MAKE YOUR PAPER SOLELY YOU TRYING TO ANSWER EACH QUESTION ONE AFTER THE OTHER....
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History_21__2nd_paper_on_1951-71_Decisio - History 21...

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