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Unformatted text preview: Staying out of Trouble Motivation Academia Fame (greed) Industry (public relations) Fortune Manage Conflicts of Interest Motives Conflicts: Real, Perceived, Potential Disclose, Disclose, Disclose Self-Dealing misappropriating funds and resources purchasing goods and services using inside information Obligations to Institutions invention disclosure confidentiality agreements noncompetition clauses Obligations to Colleagues & Employees carrying ones weight mentoring trainees Obligations to Profession publishing lecturing refereeing Maintaining Objectivity consultant vs. stakeholder advisor vs. partisan Wearing Hats The Society for Hot Science has asked you to give a lecture about your academic research. You toss in some slides about an exciting new finding in a collaborative project with Ultra Corp. No problem? ? Consulting High Hopes Inc. would like you to spend several days a month helping them evaluate new business opportunities and trouble-shooting their new lab. You weren't sure what to tell them when they asked about your consulting fees, so now they are offering you stock options at the placement price to private venture sources. Sign on? ? Buying & Selling Intellectual Propertry Identifying the stakeholders Discovering their expectations Mutual remedial education Fair Consideration Equity and stock options Licensing fees Royalties Research funding Living Together Supporting the transfer process Handling unforeseen crises Handling unforeseen opportunities Coping with infidelity Terminating the relationship Performance milestones Reversion clauses Expiration dates Conflicts of Interest Consultant vs. stakeholder Advisor vs. partisan Professor vs. entrepreneur Expert vs. salesperson Teacher vs. recruiter Have a nice career…. Working for a Living Working What Does Industry Want In A New Employee? BHRC survey 1999 Relationships are Key! Relationships Look the Part Look Finding that first job… Finding What have I done to make myself visible? visible? Have I gone to meetings? Have I played a leadership role in organizations? Have I made an effort to be a great team member? Have I made friends? Where to look Where Internet Websites Friends Networking Career Fairs Please and Thank YOU! Please Good manners Follow-up Focus on others Communicate Effectively Communicate Formal talks • Poster displays • Interviews Comprehensive exams • Dinners Hallway conversations Meetings • Social events • Telephone conversations • E-mail communications Using the Telephone Using Your voice and manner reflects the organization ◦Appropriate greeting ◦Careful note-taking ◦Plan your conversation ◦Be friendly and helpful ◦Voice-mail discipline RE: What?! RE: Have one subject State that subject Stick to the subject Circulation Etiquette Circulation TO vs. COPY Order of recipients Blind copying Confidentiality Paper vs. electrons Email Email Use a formal/ professional email address ◦ ([email protected], [email protected]) ◦ Don’t treat emails like instant messages Use capital letters, punctuation, proper grammar When sending a resume, embed the cover letter in the email, not as a separate file—it tends to get disconnected or ignored otherwise Structure Structure Executive Summary Action Items Appendices Outlines Style Style Letterhead Templates Fonts Figures “I went into science went ‘cause I didn’t like English.” You’re finished learning when you die. Systematically exterminate your pet errors. Use words like math (if you’re any good at math). Trust Trust I can count on this person to look professional I can count on this person to act professionally I can count on this person to behave predictably I can count on the ethics and integrity of this person Help others Help Self-market Self-market Identify and acquire needed skills Be aware of growth areas and opportunities Let others know about your strengths Become Indispensible Become Take the unwanted job Go the extra mile Work harder when unsupervised Get credit for the group Make your boss look good Become a mentor Know what is needed Protect Yourself Protect Through education Through networking Through options ...
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