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HW2_2009Sp - response(40 points a Determine the output of...

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Homework #2 Due2/4/2009 2pm 1. Lathi 6.1-1a , 6.1-1b, 6.1-2 (parts b and c only), 6.1-5 (40 points). 2. For 6.1-1a and 6.1-2, plot the Fourier series approximation using the first 5, 10, and 15 harmonics in MATLAB (20 points) 3. The approximation of waveform from 6.1-1a that includes the first 10 harmonics is passed through a linear time-invariant low pass filter having the following frequency
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Unformatted text preview: response. (40 points) a) Determine the output of the filter. b) In MATLAB, plot the output of the filter. Note: This filter does not alter the phase of the incoming waveform. • For MATLAB problems, submit the graphs with code...
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