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home archives ______ links contact about « On Writing | Main | For Whatever Reasons » Internet connectivity in Pakistan Posted January 24, 2005 to Computing , Pakistan category. Here I attempt to answer an age old question - is there any halfway decent internet connectivity option in Karachi? Updated July 29, 2005 recommendations to cut a long story short, here are my recommendations: 1) CyberDSL - see here for my impressions (It’s the only affordable DSL provider I know of). More companies are starting up, but so far I haven’t heard about them. 2) Dialup - Cybernet, Fascom and Supernet are the best dialup ISP’s. See Cybernet HiSpeed - it’s a good example of dialup done right. 3) ISDN :: Isdn used to be at #2 on the list, but it really doesn’t belong here. There are no affordable 24/7 packages on ISDN, nor is it broadband. Any place one can get ISDN, a DSL connection will also be available, so don’t bother with ISDN. 4) GOCDMA - For those with bad/noisy telepone lines this is the best option besides cable internet. Sadly, Telecard has not implemented this feature properly, and it is closer to fraudulent advertising than a usable internet connection. New Entrants new services starting up Connect2B :: A new cable internet provider. I haven’t heard anything about this yet. Their website doesn’t work properly in Firefox. They are using WorldCall’s fibreoptic network, which is a big negative. January 27, 2005 PTCL has halved internet bandwidth rates. A number of ISP’s had been sitting on the sidelines waiting to introduce home DSL packages at affordable rates. Hopefully this will lead to more competition and lower prices. Most importantly, the line rent ISP’s have to pay for DSL has gone down to Rs. 250 from the former 750. I hope the above recommendations will be changing soon to reflect this… overview of the above recommendations 1) CyberDSL: The best home internet service I’ve used (or heard of) so far. Other ISP’s also offer decent DSL services, better even, but they are all priced for the corporate market. See my earlier post on DSL - I wrote that in Sep 2003, and sadly enough DSL is still at the same stage still. 2) ISDN: Shahriyar’s experience with ISDN:
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i have recently converted my telephone to ISDN line. the conversion took a week and costed me 431.00 Rs. they also give you the ISDN modem costing 12,000 Rs for free. you have to belive this. after getting the ISDN line working i got ISDN loose hours from Supernet for 1100Rs (50 hours). the internet is blazing fast. at 64k the download speed is 7-8K/sec while at 128k the speed is 14-16k/sec. The bad thing about ISDN is that it is limited to 128kbps. See PTCLs page on ISDN, and Supernets website. ISDN is expensive as you pay per hour - so it’s not for people looking for a 24/7 connection. 3) Dialup: The good old standby. The majority of the country will be on dialup for a long
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