Marketers roll out healthier

Marketers roll out - Marketers roll out healthier vegetable-based s Updated 1:35 AM ET E-mail | S By Bruce Horovitz USA TODAY Frito-Lay which put

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Unformatted text preview: Marketers roll out healthier, vegetable-based s Updated 10/23/2006 1:35 AM ET E-mail | S By Bruce Horovitz, USA TODAY Frito-Lay, which put Doritos and Cheetos in our lunch bags, is adding a line of better-for-you chips to the trend of snack At an analysts meeting Monday, the snack giant will unveil Flat Earth, snacks with half a serving of fruits or veggies per considers the February rollout a critical step in convincing consumers it cares about nutrition. "Consumers are looking f Zbuchalski, Frito-Lay's (PEP) wellness chief. "There aren't many other snacks that are healthy and convenient." With parents' obesity concerns a key driver, dehydrated fruits and veggies now are popping up in places few chip-lovin trend is that growth in the $24.3 billion salty snack world has slowed, except in two categories: better-for-you and flavor Product tracker Mintel has counted 45 veggie snack rollouts in the past year, says Lynn Dornblaser, director of custom whole-grain fad." Frito-Lay's Flat Earth line includes three veggie crisps, such as Tangy Tomato Ranch, and three fruit crisps, such as W bag. Gary Stibel, New England Consulting Group CEO, says Flat Earth could be a $75 million brand in a year. "Of all the foo more with less than anyone." Do veggies give chips nutritional credibility? One nutritionist isn't sold: "Once you pulverize and powder vegetables, the author of Feeding the Whole Family. ...
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