Weekly Log 6 - evening of Burbova’s death hundreds of...

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Weekly Log 6 2-25-2009 Colleen Fantin Throughout the poem “The Bronze Horseman” the man speaks of losing a loved one to the great flood in 1833 in St. Petersburg. The man blames Peter the Great for his loved ones death because he forced everyone to move to the inhabitable area of St. Petersburg. When the man realizes his loved one is dead, he looks up and sees the Bronze Horseman and blamed the Bronze Horseman for her death. In other words, the man spoke out about how he blamed Peter the Great, and spoke out about the government so he was then killed. You can sense how the government is oppressing people that even the moral of the story is not to speak out about the government. Anastasia Burbova a journalist for Novaya Gazeta was shot and murdered on January 19, 2009. Burbova spoke out about Stalinism, nationalism, and injustice. The
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Unformatted text preview: evening of Burbova’s death hundreds of people; including anti-fascists and human-rights activists marched in remembrance. Russian nationalists celebrated at the murder site of Anastasia Burbova, and human-rights attorney Stanislav Markelov, one even quoted saying “The two Russophobes have gone to hell.” Throughout the Stalin, Czar, and Mongol period, also the case of Anastasia Burbova, the citizens were not allowed to speak their mind, and if they did they were most likely killed. Families taught their children the virtue that “the walls have ears” and to never speak badly of the government. The people lived with the constant fear of the government, and that they had to do exactly what the government said or they would be punished....
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Weekly Log 6 - evening of Burbova’s death hundreds of...

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