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Weekly Log 5 February 18, 2009 Colleen Fantin In 1054, Orthodoxy and Catholicism emerged from the Christian church. The differences between the Orthodox and Catholic Church are very evident. The Orthodox do not believe in “breaking the rules” when it comes to committing sin, they instead believe it is instead, straying from God. I affiliate myself with Catholicism. When practicing my religion, I have never had to endure physical hardships. The Orthodox Church on the other hand believe in suffering, such as pilgrimages to far away places, and fasting. Orthodox Church services are also very different from those of the Catholic Church. A typical Catholic service would include a eulogy spoke by the priest while the people sit in pews. The Orthodox service is more mystical, thee alter is hidden, the
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Unformatted text preview: service is sung, not spoken, and could last up to three hours long. Although I am Catholic, some of my family practices Christian Orthodoxy. My parents were married at the Holy Trinity in Hamtramck, along with many other relatives. When studying Orthodoxy, in comparison to Catholicism, I am able to see distinct differences as well as similarities in the two religions. Growing up, I attended Catholic schools, as well as church every Sunday. I would dread Sunday mornings, and having to wake up at 7am to kneel for the next two hours. Looking at how this differs from the 3 hours of standing at the Orthodox Church, I now see that I had nothing to complain about!...
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