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q5-proofs - This is not correct After applying universal...

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CSE 260 QUIZ-5– Proofs- ANSWERS (20 minutes) NAME: 1. (10 points) Construct an argument using rules of inference to show that the hypothesis ”Randy works hard,” ”If Randy works hard, then he is a dull boy,” and ”If Randy is a dull boy, then he will not get the job” imply the conclusion ”Randy will not get the job.” Prblem 3 on page 73. Answer on page S-7 of the text book. 2. (10 points) For each of these arguments determine whether the argu- ment is correct or incorrect and explain why. (a) A convertible car is fun to drive. Isac’s car is not a convertible.
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Unformatted text preview: This is not correct. After applying universal instantiation, it con-tains the fallacy of denying the hypothesis. (b) All lobstermen set at least a dozen traps. Hamilton is a lobster-man. Therefore, Hamilton sets at least a dozen traps. This is correct, using universal instantiation and modus ponens. 3. Prove that if n is an integer and n 3 + 5 is odd, then n is even using (a) (10 points) an indirect proof. (b) (10 points) a proof by contradiction. Problem 21 on page 75. Answer on page S-8 of the text book. 1...
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