PHYSICS 002C Lecture 04

PHYSICS 002C Lecture 04 - PHYSICS 002C Review - Chap 12.3 -...

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PHYSICS 002C Lecture 04 April 06, 2009 Serway and Jewett Chapter 13 – Mechanical Waves Review - Chap 12.3 - Energy in simple harmonic motion Solved problem from last lecture. Review Q: A pendulum consists of a long wire attached to the ceiling of the lecture hall and a 5 kg weight of negligible diameter attached to the other end of the wire with its center of mass 5 m from the point of attachment of to the ceiling. At rest, the bottom of the weight is only a mm above the floor. I pull the weight back (with the wire remaining taught) until its height is 1 m from the floor. An assistant positions another weight of equal mass just off the floor where the hanging weight was at equilibrium. This second weight is made of sticky material so that when I let go of the first weight, it swings down and smacks into the sticky weight, carrying it along past the equilibrium position. How high off the floor does the combined center of mass rise? a) 0.5 m; b) 0.6 m; c) 0.15 m; d) 0.25 m; e) 0.3 m Review -
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