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Class_14_Vertical_Curvature.extended_dis - • Use of 3.12...

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The Pennsylvania State University Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering CE 321: Highway Engineering Vertical Curvature – Extended Discussion Spring 2009
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Procedure Followed Alternative ways to start problem: Assume grade = 0; use Table 3.1 Use actual grade and equation 3.12 ± = G g a g d 2 V 2 1 + V 1 t r
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Items for Discussion (P 60-61 MKW)
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Unformatted text preview: • Use of 3.12 underestimates SSD since G 1 only exits at PVC • If use final grade, then overestimate SSD since exists only at PVT • In practice, policies vary on treatment • Some ignore grades; others only use when grades > 3% • Book says assume Table 3.1 applies...
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Class_14_Vertical_Curvature.extended_dis - • Use of 3.12...

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