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CE 321 April 18, 2005 Review: Traffic Signal Fundamentals 1. How does a signal allocate capacity? 2. Under what circumstances can traffic signals increase the flow through an intersection? 3. Why are right angle accidents frequently reduced after signal installation? 4. Why do rear end crashes frequently increase after signal installation? 5. Why is disrespect for unwarranted signals or misapplied signals a problem for transportation engineers? (Why do we care?) 6. What is the purpose of the all-red clearance interval? What
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Unformatted text preview: important tradeoff is represented in its use? 7. What is the purpose of the lead pedestrian interval? How does it work? Under what circumstances is it used? 8. What is a phase? How is it related to the cycle length? 9. Sketch the saturation flow model of intersection traffic flow; include start-up and clearance lost times, saturation flow and effective green. 10. What is the conceptual rationale for the determination of the effective green?...
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