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Review Outline for Final Exam CE 321 Spring 2009 Material prior to Mid-Term 2 Theoretical and practical stopping distance Issues raised about safety in, “Two harmful myths and a thesis”, by Dr. Ezra Hauer. Traffic stream parameters and models – shockwave analysis Queuing Theory – applications of D/D1 queuing Concept of capacity – definition and measurement Material after Mid-Term 2 Traffic signal terminology – “it’s not a light it’s a signal”
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Unformatted text preview: • Saturation flow model as derived and discussed in class • Working through signal timing 9 steps as in examples from class • Importance of accommodating pedestrians • Traffic analysis in support of transportation planning o Traveler decisionmaking (Figure 8.1) o Steps in analysis process o Trip generation method (regression) o Mode choice (logit model) and applications o Traffic assignment Method User equilibrium assumptions...
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Review_Outline_for_Final_Exam_CE_321_Spr - • Saturation...

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