4C syllabus Fall 2007

4C syllabus Fall 2007 - History 4C-Western Civilization,...

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History 4C--Western Civilization, 1700-Present Fall 2007 University of California, Santa Barbara Chem. 1179 T/Th 3.30-4.45pm Instructor: Dr. Sandra Dawson Office: HSSB 3232 E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 5-6pm. TAs: Megan Barber (honors) [email protected] W 8-8.50am and TBA Seth Ford [email protected] Th 6-6.50pm, F 10-10.50am, F 2-2.50pm Shauna Huffaker [email protected] W 8-8.50am, W 9-9.50am, F 3-3.50pm Alan Mason [email protected] T 7-7.50pm, Th 8-8.50am, Th 11-11.50am Jean Smith [email protected] W 5-5.50pm, Th 9-9.50am, F 8-8.50am Todd Wahlstrom [email protected] W 6-6.50pm, Th 10-10.50am, Th 5-5.50pm Tara Woodruff [email protected] T 6-6.50pm, Th 8-8.50am, Th 6-6.50pm Course Description and Objectives: During the past three hundred years Europeans have experienced unprecedented changes in their economy, culture and politics. Through lectures, readings and discussions, this course will explore how men, women and children experienced these revolutionary upheavals. The main goals of the course will be to become familiar with the events, ideas, traditions, culture and society during this period. In particular, we will examine the way individuals, families and communities responded to the revolutionary changes and brought about a society that came to see itself as “modern.” The course will also broaden our perspective by examining the relationships between the west and the rest of the world: points of conflict, cross-cultural contributions and influences, Western views of the world and non-Western views of the West. By doing so, we will come to a better understanding of what the West is, how it changed over time, and its place in the
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4C syllabus Fall 2007 - History 4C-Western Civilization,...

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