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Midterm Outline 1

Midterm Outline 1 - Section Three Essay Question#1 What...

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Section Three: Essay Question #1 : What were the ideas of the enlightenment? How did they have influence on events in France and st. domingue from 1789-1799? I. Secularism A. Nov. 1, 1755—Lisbon Earthquake occurred [over 50% died]. Survivors scattered everywhere—no place to go!! Destroyed a major cultural area. B. Earthquake shook a lot more than the city—Lisbon=capital city of a very devout Catholic country; struck on a very very religious holiday (All Soul’s Day) C. Enlightenment ideals embraced a secular approach to government—“absolutism was increasingly the bane of a wide spectrum of thoughtful opinion” ( Western Civilization : Coffin & Stacy, pg. 631). Definite progression from viewing the monarch as a “divine ruler;” the “death of God” evident as a force within society. D. Enlightenment ideals emphasized religion as a personal matter—religion was one’s own personal conviction(s). “I do not wish to open window’s into men’s souls” (Queen Elizabeth I {reign: 1558-1603} ) +
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