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Midterm OutlineSS - -“passionlessness”-prositution...

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Question #2 : What were the intended and unintended social impacts of industrialization and reform in 19 th century Britain? A. Technology -spinning jenny, water frame inventions like these made textiles such as cotton cloth cheaper; became America’s most powerful “card” in trade -Iron and steam -Railroads -Telegraph C. Social Impact -cities -unhealthy urban life -charles dickens -Elizabeth Gaskell Mary Barton D. Work Conditions -the factory system -the family economy -the sadler report 1832 -Elizabeth Bentley (interviewed, told life story) E. Reform -the factory act 1833 -age and hour limits -the mines act 1842 -economic impact F. Population -fertility -contraception—abortion (self-induced [lead pills] or knitting needles, or a backstreet abortionists) -charles bradlaugh and annie besant wrote about contraceptive methods= “pull out method” G. The Middle Class -moral codes -education mothers were resp. for the education of their children
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Unformatted text preview: -“passionlessness”-prositution Question #3: In your opinion, which revolution did more to improve women’s social, political, and economic position in society, the French revolution or the industrial revolution? Give specific examples to support your argument. A. French Rev. 1. championed by individuals such as Olympe de Gouges, women gained a great deal more citizenship rights b. Industrial Rev. 1. more protection was provided for working women, more regulations—not necessarily more rights. Question #4: What was the new imperialism? Using examples from at least TWO different regions (India, and either Africa or china) explain the way Europeans justified their domination of other people and places. Question #5: what were the immediate causes and long term consequences of the revolutions of 1848? Give specific examples to support your argument?...
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Midterm OutlineSS - -“passionlessness”-prositution...

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