History 4C Notes

History 4C Notes - -suffragettes—pankhurst-sots—rosa...

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((11/1/07)) Causes of War -Assassination -Nationalism -Imperialism -Alliances -Militarization -Germany Mobilization -Schlieffen Plan -Alliances—Triple Alliance, Triple Entente -Domestic issues -National Honor War -First Battle of the Marne -Trench Warfare -Technology -new mindset: pertaining to death, dying Stalemate -New offenseives -Mutiny -Vladimir Ilyich Lenin -Treaty of Brest-Litovsk -United States -Destruction @ Verdun Social & Cultural Impact -total war -war front vs. home front
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Unformatted text preview: -suffragettes—pankhurst-sots—rosa Luxemburg [[Joshua Radin: The Fear You Wont Fall danny solo song]] Propaganda The Bryce Report The Home Front-umemployed women-women at work—criticism-military nurses—edith cavell-spies—Mata Hari The German Home Front-food prices & shortages-protests, strikes, riots-influenza epidemic Legacy of WWI-Treaty of Versailles—guilt & reparations-Betrayal-Bankrupt Western Civilization-Adolf Hitler...
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History 4C Notes - -suffragettes—pankhurst-sots—rosa...

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