PoliSciPaper #1 this one

PoliSciPaper #1 this one - ensures the protection and...

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Wylie, Lawren October 8, 2007 PoliSci 7—Belkin Political Science Paper #1: Waltz’s Claim A state does not have to provide for its own defense if the state is protected by religious doctrine. The 13th and 14th centuries marked a period of chaos and violence in Italy. Warring city- states, such as Milan and Venice, battled for control of the Italian peninsula. Although the struggle continued for many years over control of the nation, dispute never involved the Vatican City—the home of the Papacy, central to the Roman Catholic faith. To involve the Vatican in any type of dispute would be to attack, by extension, the religious institution it represents! Christian nations would spring to the defense of the Papacy, which could result in the outbreak of a global religious war—therefore, protection of Italy
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Unformatted text preview: ensures the protection and preservation of a major world faith. The security of a nation could rest on the premise of defending religion, as a major world faith (such as Catholicism) unites many nations towards one major common goal. Cooperation between national states is rare unless a common goal unites them in alliancereligion, in this case, would serve as the common ground. Special protection also unites nations in a common goal. The Swiss Guard was and is employed to provide special protection for the Popea guard comprised of the finest soldiers from the various corners of the globe. It can be argued, therefore, that even personal protection for positions of power is offered for a state protected by doctrine. Wylie, Lawren October 8, 2007 PoliSci 7Belkin...
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PoliSciPaper #1 this one - ensures the protection and...

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