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Weekly Question #2

Weekly Question #2 - Wylie Lawren PoliSci#7Belkin/Jade...

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Wylie, Lawren October 15, 2007 PoliSci #7—Belkin/Jade Weekly question #2 : Do Snyder & Waltz seek to explain the same outcome? Although they do not arrive at the same conclusion by the same thread of analysis, Snyder and Waltz both seek to explain the source of international outcome. Snyder’s theory utilizes domestic theories to explain international outcomes, while Waltz claims that the international system affects international outcomes. Waltz claims that because states in an anarchic order are forced to compete against each other for survival, states must rely on themselves for protection. Additionally, Waltz argues that the international system is at fault for international outcomes. Because an international “super cop” does not exist to maintain order, cooperation, and stability in the international community, every state must fend for itself
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