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Wylie, Lawren October 29, 2007 PoliSci 7—TA: Jade Weekly Question : Why do many Americans believe that some (but not all) violent organizations are terrorist groups? Terrorist groups are often characterized as tightly or loosely knit associations that act out violently in order to uphold an ideal, belief, or institution. As is evident in contemporary context, violent organizations are not always considered terrorist groups—as pertaining to various factors. Factors that influence the perception of an organization include the domestic or foreign nature of the organization, the subjects of the discrimination, and the manner in which acts of violence are carried out. Violent organizations that are foreign are more likely to be classified as “terrorist” groups than are groups found domestically within a nation. Within the United States, many Americans view the foreign organization al Queda to be a “terrorist” organization—yet do not consider a group such as the Ku Klux Klan to be a terrorist group. Aesthetic and ethnic differences in the
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