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I just wanted to clarify some recurring concerns a lot of people are having with the policy briefs. -In terms of structure, you will need an introductory paragraph that talks about the background of the problem itself, and why it is an issue that must be urgently addressed. Your subsequent paragraphs will talk about the different perpspectives/possible past solutions. You will want to talk about the systemic causes of the problem. For instance, if you are writing about child soldiers, you will want to discuss why they are being used, and think about what the factors and root causes that would lead people to do this?
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Unformatted text preview: Perhaps there have been other proposals in the past (discuss pros and cons) that you can talk about as well. Also, your paper will be stronger because you are looking at all sides of the debate and coming up with a solution that you think is the best way to go.-Also, do remain focused in your paper. It's good to talk about different perspectives/angles, but always bring it back to your main issue. For this paper, it is better to talk very thoroughly about a few main issues, than to cover everything, but only talk about them very briefly. If you follow the rubric that was handed out, you should be fine....
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