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Global Policy Brief

Global Policy Brief - Globalizations Effect Upon...

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Globalization’s Effect Upon International Politics and Religion Lawren Wylie June 3, 2008—Spring 2008 TA: Caroline Le
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powerfully exemplified in the African nation state of Uganda “the forces of globalization [can] . ..serve destructive purposes of nations, rather than [steering] in a constructive direction.” 1 “transgovernmentalism. ..leaves the control of government institutions in the hands of national citizens, who must hold their governments as accountable for their transnational activities as for their domestic duties” 2 (i.e. domestic is just as vital as is international affairs) The war in Uganda illustrates both the positive and negative effects of globalization. In this example of a “McWorld” phenomenon, world religions become globally blended or “marbled,” and politics become internationally intertwined. A. Globalization has instigated a “McWorld” phenomenon with religion—world religions (such as Christianity, Islam, etc.) are no longer as regionalized as before, “creating a ‘marble’ effect” 3 that results in a cultural blend of religious ideologies. However, this “marble” blend of modern theological ideas does not always bode well for a nation—the bloody rebel crusade of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) to “cleanse the Acholi people” demonstrates a horrifying and hypocritical twist on Christian values within Uganda. religion has become transnational : “World religious traditions are mutating faster than ever; facilitated by their new proximity and “marbling,” the on-the-ground interaction among the adherents of the various spiritual traditions has sped up. It has out-distanced the capacity of theologians within those traditions to guide or control it. still, if somewhat futilely, they try. Ten years ago the Vatican was vexed about Latin American liberation theology. Today Rome loses sleep over Catholic theologians in Sri Lanka and Africa who are trying to rethink Christian theology within the categories of those ancient civilizations.” 4 B . Globalization has also revealed a broadening of the global community—where “a unified, if tawdry, single world civilization is emerging pasted together by MacDonald’s and Hollywood;” 5 again, the appearance of the McWorld phenomenon in a political and communal sense. Because of the new interdependence globalization has manifested in the international system, everything affects every member of the global community. “National interests are international interests, and vice versa.” 6 With the Uganda conflict, the 1 Iriye, 19. 2 O’Meara, 114. 3
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Global Policy Brief - Globalizations Effect Upon...

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