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EEMB 40 - Religion Disease Article Outline = Religion is...

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Religion & Disease Article Outline = Religion is far more frequent in tropical regions than in temperate climates. i.e.“Why does the country Cote d’Ivoire have 76 religions while Norway has 13, and why does Brazil have 159 religions while Canada has 15 even though in both comparisons the countries are similar in size?” “The genesis of religions has occurred at different rates across the world... because religion manifests from evolved behavioral strategies for the avoidance and management of infectious disease.” The article proposes that more religions emerge within tropical regions because “through localized coevolutionary races with hosts, infectious diseases select for three anticontagion behaviors: in-group assortative sociality; out-group avoidance; and limited dispersal.” I. Assortative sociality A. Definition: Assortative sociality refers to the alliance with similar individuals including for mating or other social contact (i.e. religious convictions, dialects and language use, cooperative hunting, etc.)
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