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Roleplay-Outline of My Arguement

Roleplay-Outline of My Arguement - Impatient Patient...

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“Impatient Patient” Roleplay Infectious Disease Expert Ann Smith voices the following concerns: “she feels that immediate treatment with the best drug is necessary. If it isn’t Strep Throat, then no harm has been done.” “she feels that the doctor is withholding the best possible medical care from her child.” “slight fever & sore throat”=Allison’s symptoms. I. “no harm has been done...” Every time a person takes antibiotics, sensitive bacteria are killed, but resistant germs may be left to grow and  multiply. Repeated and improper uses of antibiotics are primary causes of the increase in drug-resistant  bacteria. Misuse of antibiotics jeopardizes the usefulness of essential drugs. When it comes to health care, children are of particular concern because they have the highest rates of antibiotic  use. They also have the highest rate of infections caused by antibiotic-resistant pathogens.
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