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HW3 - 3 expected in copper at 1080 C°(just below the...

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HW 3 (Due 1/28/08 Monday) 3-26 What are the indices of four directions of the form<111> that lie in the ( 101) plane of a cubic cell? 3-35 Determine the minimum radius of an atom that will just fit into (a) the tetrahedral interstitial site in FCC nickel; and (b) the octahedral interstitial site in BCC lithium. 4-1 Calculate the number of vacancies per cm
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Unformatted text preview: 3 expected in copper at 1080 C° (just below the melting temperature). The energy for vacancy formation is 20,000 cal/mol. 4-5 BCC lithium has a lattice parameter of 3.5089 ×10-8 cm and contains one vacancy per 200 unit cells. Calculate (a) the number of vacancies per cubic centimeter; and (b) the density of Li....
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