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HW 6 - alloy that contains 50wt α at 1300°C 10-25 We...

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HW 6 (Due 2/25 Mon) 10-19 A Nb-60wt% W alloy is heated to 2800°C. Determine (a) the composition of the solid and liquid phases in both wt% and at%;(b) the amount of each phase in both wt% and at%; and (c) assuming that the density of the solid is 16.05 g/cm 3 and that of the liquid is 13.91g/cm 3 , determine the amount of each phase in vol %. 10-21 How many grams of nickel must be added to 500 grams of copper to produce an
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Unformatted text preview: alloy that contains 50wt% α at 1300°C. 10-25 We would like to produce a MgO-FeO ceramic that is 30wt% solid at 2000°C. Determine the original composition of the ceramics in wt%. 10-40 Cooling curves are shown in Figure 10-21 for several Mo-V alloys. Based on these curves, construct the Mo-V phase diagram....
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