chapter 9 - Chapter 9 2 Earth materials may fail and move...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 9 2. Earth materials may fail and move or deform in several ways. Rotational slumps involve sliding along a curve slip plain producing slumps blocks. Translational sliding is downslope movement of Earth materials along a planar slip plane such as a bedding plane or fracture. Rock fall is the free fall of Earth materials from a free face of a cliff. Flows are down slope movement of unconsolidated materials in which particles move about and mix within the mass 3. Safety factor is with respect to landsliding. It defined as the ratio of resisting to driving forces; a safety factor of greater than 1 suggests a slope is stable. 5. As the slope of a hillside or potential slip plane within a slope increases, say from 15 to 45 degress or steeper, the driving force also increases; therefore. landslides are more frequent on steep slopes. 6. a. Vegetation provides a cover that cushions the impact of rain falling on slopes, facilitating infiltration of water into the slope while retarding grain-by-grain erosion on the...
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