HW_5 - ECE 3085 HW #5 Due on 2.15.07 Below you will find...

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Unformatted text preview: ECE 3085 HW #5 Due on 2.15.07 Below you will find various transfer functions G(s). For each one of these, suppose that the transfer function of a system of interest is H (s) = KG(s) 1 + KG(s) for some K > 0. You are asked to find the range of values of K (K > 0) such that the system is sable, i.e., all the poles of H (s) are in the LHP. 1. G(s) = 2. G(s) = 3. G(s) = s+1 s−1 1 (s + 2)2 (s + 1) s−1 (s + 3)2 1 ...
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