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ECE4802_Final_Sum08 - ECE 4001 Project Engineering and...

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ECE 4001 -- Project Engineering and Professional Practice FINAL EXAM July 29, 2008 Page 1 of 14 Name: ________________________________________ Student Number: ____________________________ 1. Check that your exam includes the over page, 10 problem pages, two blank pages, Z tail end table, and engineering economy formulas (total of 14 pages). 2. PRINT your name and student number in the spaces at the top of pages 1 – 14 of this exam. 3. Read all problem statements carefully. Points will be deducted for failure to follow instructions. 4. Show ALL of your work on pages provided to receive full credit on problems and do not separate your exam pages. Problems solved without showing the solution steps may not receive full credit. 5. If you need extra space, use the blank pages provided. Clearly note the appropriate problem for any work on these blank pages, and write your name on these blank pages. 6. You are permitted three sheets (8 1/2 x 11), double-sided, of handwritten notes. The use of any other resources is prohibited. You are to turn in these sheets with your exam, please write your name on each page. 7. Calculators are permitted; however, you are not allowed to use the calculator memory to store notes, etc. 8. Absolutely NO CELL PHONES. Cell phones must be off and stowed during the exam. 9. This exam lasts for 170 minutes. Point values are listed for each problem to assist you in best using your time. 10. The Georgia Tech honor code applies. To recognize the implications, please sign the following: "I did not give or receive aid during this exam, nor will I knowingly discuss the exam with anyone who intends to take it at a different time." Signature: ___________________________________________________ Problem 1. Process capability (15 points) Problem 2. Product reliability (20 points) Problem 3. Process statistics (15 points) Problem 4. Eng. Economy (15 points) Problem 5. Eng. measurements (15 points) Problem 6. Short answers (20 points) TOTAL . (100 points)
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Name: Student #: July 29,2008 2 ECE 4001 Final Exam Problem 1. Process Capability (15 points) A manufacturer has the following target specification for an inductor that it produces: Target Value: 470μH Tolerance: ± 5% A large batch of these inductors is manufactured. The inductance varies according to a normal distribution and the measured values for the actual mean (AM) and standard deviation ( σ ) are: AM = 458μH σ = 15μH Accurately sketch this distribution on the axis below. Include and label the target value, upper
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ECE4802_Final_Sum08 - ECE 4001 Project Engineering and...

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