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psy 202 5-26-09-1 - PSY 202 Psychotherapy I Week 9 Lecture...

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PSY 202 Week 9 Lecture 1 5/26/09 Psychotherapy I. Person Centered Therapy by Carl Rogers (humanists perspective) a. Non- directive, warm and supportive environment b. Focus on client self-perspective c. Themes i. Congruence - honest and open (at all levels, verbal and non-verbal) ii. Empathy – cognitive and emotional; understand the perspective of the client iii. Unconditional positive regard – extremely difficult to do d. Method Active listening i. Paraphrase ii. Invite clarification iii. Reflect Feelings II. Behaviorists Therapy a. Skeptical about the power of insight in healing b. Suggest that maladaptive behavior is the problem rather than the symptom c. Diminish maladaptive behavior and increase constructive behavior III. Classical Conditioning Therapy a. Counter conditioning (unlearn a response)- Trigger new response b. Exposure therapy i. Systematic desensitization ii. Virtual reality IV. Operent Conditioning Therapy – rewards and punishments a. Aversion Therapy (negative consequences – punishment) i. Shock
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