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illegal immigration - Andrew Rapaport How Unskilled...

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How Unskilled Immigrants Hurt Our Economy Every year there are between 700,000 and 900,000 immigrants coming into the United States, and according to the Economic Report of the President in 2003 there were 34 million immigrants who had become naturalized citizens. Most come from Latin American countries and average less than 9 years of education. Many people believe that these immigrants are imposing many costs on the natural citizens and native workers of this country. There are 3 main points that come to mind, first are that these immigrants are responsible for driving down wages and forcing native workers out of their jobs, secondly they are taking advantage of federal welfare programs for no cost to themselves, and finally they are adding to the financial burdens of American citizens everywhere. Since the mid 1960’s America has seen an unprecedented influx of immigrants, about 30 million legally and 15 million illegally. These immigrants have picked fruit, cleaned homes, cut grass, washed cars, and flipped burgers. There are advocates of immigration who argue that immigrant labor is essential for
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illegal immigration - Andrew Rapaport How Unskilled...

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