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Presentation Guidelines (1)

Presentation Guidelines (1) - Generally I grade each...

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Presentation Guidelines Be sure to coordinate with your entire group, especially your partners arguing the same side. Decide who will go first, if it will be a point counter point, or if one group will present all the way through, followed by the other, then each will rebut the other group’s arguments. You should plan to have a minimum of about 10 minutes worth of material per group member. When you use tables, graphs, or direct quotes, be sure to attribute your source. Please provide the instructor with copies of your PowerPoint slides, overheads, or notes from which you write on the board. Be sure to attach your bibliography. Grades will not necessarily be the same for all members of the group.
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Unformatted text preview: Generally I grade each individual on the quality of the material they personally present. If your group for some reason warrants a different division of labor (someone is very good with PowerPoint, but not a confident presenter), be sure that you notify me as a group who was responsible for what. If you are having difficulty getting in touch with members of your group, please contact the instructor. On the day of the presentation, please try to be professional. While dress attire is not necessary, don’t wear anything distracting. Do not chew anything while you’re presenting. And, refrain from wearing hats and sunglasses....
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