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census tract part 2

census tract part 2 - Andrew Rapaport Geog 597 Part 2...

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Andrew Rapaport 2/11/2009 Geog 597 Part 2: Census Tract 20 For part one of this project I chose to do my analysis on census tract 20, a neighborhood which runs along Neil Avenue in Columbus, Ohio that is adjacent to the main campus of the Ohio State University. From my analysis I have postulated that tract 20 is a middle class neighborhood of mostly white college students and young professionals with a few families thrown in there. From the statistical data gathered I also believe that the neighborhood is quite old, probably from before World War II and its proximity to the college campus. For part two I went to my census tract and made visual observations to try and gain more information about the area. When I went out to the area I already had an idea of what I might find based on my previous analysis. The very first thing I noticed about the neighborhood was that it was in fact very old. There were many older homes that appeared to corroborate my hypothesis of being pre World War II homes. There are many Victorian style homes in the neighborhood which may be the reason for its naming. Census tract 20 of Franklin County, Ohio is also known as Victorian Village. As I walked south along Neil Avenue I did not notice too many people but there was a lot of car traffic and it was a cold day. I did see lots of cars parked in the street and I also noticed a lot of Ohio State memorabilia, most likely belonging to
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students who happen to live in these houses. The homes themselves were old but I would not necessarily that they were not at all maintained.
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