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Student Name: Student ID: (Family Name), (Given Name) Griffith University 2206AFE – Investment Analysis and Management Sample Mid Semester Exam WORKING TIME: 1 hour 15 Mins PERUSAL TIME: none EXAMINATION TYPE: closed book with an A4 formulae sheet PERUSAL INSTRUCTIONS: no perusal time EXAMINATION INSTRUCTIONS TO STUDENTS: Please transfer your answers into the mark sense sheet within specified time framework. Your answers anywhere BUT in the mark sense sheet will NOT be marked. You must give up ALL examination material together with your formulae sheet at the end of examination. STUDENTS ARE PERMITTED TO BRING THE FOLLOWING MATERIALS INTO THE EXAMINATION VENUE: CALCULATOR: Any non-programmable calculator, or Texas Instruments BA II Plus (including BA II Plus Professional) Hewlett Packard 12C (including the HP 12C Platinum) DICTIONARY: English translation dictionary (no marks permitted) Electronic Dictionaries are NOT permitted. THE FOLLOWING MATERIALS ARE SUPPLIED BY GRIFFITH UNIVERSITY: 6 PAGE ANSWER BOOKLET: 1 MARK SENSE SHEET: 1 THIS EXAMINATION PAPER MUST NOT BE REMOVED FROM THE EXAMINATION VENUE.
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Multiple Choice Answer all Questions Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1 The basic trade-off in the investment process is a) between the anticipated rate of return for a given investment instrument and its degree of risk. b) between understanding the nature of a particular investment and having the opportunity to purchase it. c) between high returns available on single instruments and the diversification of instruments into a portfolio. d) between the desired level of investment and possessing the resources necessary to carry it out. e) None of the above. 2 The nominal risk free rate of interest is a function of a) The real risk free rate and the investment's variance. b) The prime rate and the rate of inflation. c) The T-bill rate plus the inflation rate. d) The tax free rate plus the rate of inflation. e) The real risk free rate and the rate of inflation. 3 The variability of operating earnings is associated with a) Business risk. b) Liquidity risk. c) Exchange rate risk. d) Financial risk. e) Market risk. 4 The uncertainty of investment returns associated with how a firm finances its investments is known as a) Business risk. b) Liquidity risk. c)
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2206MidSemExam_sample - Student Name: (Family Name), (Given...

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