Tutorial answers 3 - AFE 2206 Tutorial 3. Week 5 Answers...

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AFE 2206 Tutorial 3. Week 5 Answers Chapter 10 Question 5, p.348 Business risk is measured by the relative variability (i.e., the coefficient of variation) of operating earnings for a firm over time. In turn, the variability of operating earnings is a function of sales volatility and the amount of operating leverage (i.e., fixed costs of production) employed by the firm. Sales variability is the prime determinant of earnings volatility. In addition, the greater the firm’s operating leverage, the more variable the operating earnings series will be relative to the sales variability. Question 11, p.348 Assuming the risk of the firm is not abnormally high, a 24% ROE is quite high and probably exceeds the return that the equity investor could earn on the funds. Therefore, the firm should retain their earnings and invest them at this rate. Alternatively, if this firm has excess cash and expects to continue generating excess cash (such as Microsoft in 2003) it may decide to initiate or increase a cash dividend. Question 15, p.348 (see p. 346) Student exercise, so answers will depend upon what limitations the student chooses to discuss. Some possibilities are: Flexibility in choosing which GAAP to use and how to apply them Comparing firm’s ratios to industry averages when there is wide variation among individual firm’ ratios within the industry or when the firm under analysis has a unique component.
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Tutorial answers 3 - AFE 2206 Tutorial 3. Week 5 Answers...

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