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Abstract LR2 - digesting the pUC 18 vector and finally the...

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Abstract Transferring characteristics from one organism to another organism through recombinant DNA techniques is possible. In this lab we transferred the bioluminescent characteristic found in V. fischeri into DH5a cells grown in a culture. In this lab a number of significant accomplishments took place. First, was the isolation of the LuxAB gene which is responsible for bioluminescence in V. fischeri. Second, cloning and digesting the LuxAB gene and also
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Unformatted text preview: digesting the pUC 18 vector and finally the transformations of competent DH5a cells. All were successfully accomplished which was confirmed by the presence of bioluminescent DH5a cells. Bioluminescent DH5a cells were present because the digested LuxAB gene and digested pUC 18 vector were correctly ligated together and then inserted into competent DH5a cells....
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